How it all started


As a lover of the sea, fishing and my hometown Bakarac I have been fascinated by it's tuna observation posts and the stories they tell since I was a child. The love grew with me so I started researching and developing the idea of recreating tuna fishing in a way it was done years ago and in 2015 I organized the first simulation of tuna fishing the old-fashioned way. This event called "Tira, Tira!" expanded in the following years and became recognized as one of the most significant summer events in the area. In 2018 it was recognized by the Association of Croatian Travel Agencies and the magazine "Way to Croatia" and we received the award Simply the best for the creativity of the event, which with its content enriches the tourist offer of the local community and nurtures customs.

With the development of "Tira" my desire for real fishing for big fish only grew stronger so for the last few years I have been competing with my team in Big Game competitions as a member of the BigOm club from Omišalj, Krk and for the last couple of seasons I have been the holder of the national fishing quota for big fish. I live by the sea and with the sea so I set sail all year round, fishing according to season.

Tuna i Renato